About Us – The Groove Room

The Groove Room Rehearsal Spaces in Toronto was formed in 2007. Founded by musicians, for musicians.

Two guitarists toiled around the rehearsal scene in Toronto and were unimpressed and disappointed with the lack of quality of gear, cleanliness, service and the greasiness of the industry in general.

We often laugh about the horrible practice studios we’ve used.

We were thoroughly unimpressed by the spaces of the day i.e. rehearsal factory, dc music, cherry beach studios, decibel house, rat space among others that are now out of business.

We’re not here to cut-up the competition, but it was our experience in that forced us into business. We just didn’t want to throw our money away anymore!

We wondered why, going back years, does the rehearsal space business have such a negative reputation?

The truth is, they don’t care about you or your dreams. They just want your money and what are you going to do about it?

But how can you be productive when you’re always stressing out about inferior music rehearsal spaces?

Quite simply, we knew we could do better.

The old model for indie bands is tired and broken and most businesses in the industry already know this. They are very content to sell you the dream and then leave you broke and bitter and no further ahead.

Today, there’s a new model for achieving musical success that’s:

  • smarter
  • easier
  • more affordable

We’re not going to sell you the dream. We’re going to sell you success through common sense.

Profit is nice, but having profitable customers is better.

The Groove Room is just the beginning….

Our professional staff have experience in many facets of music such as: engineering, production, sound, performance, video, graphics, marketing, and internet.